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Hi! I’m Jacqueline.

I believe in good tasting, healthy food. That can look different to everyone, and that’s perfectly fine!

Welcome to my plant-based food journey! Whether you’re just starting a plant-based diet yourself, are a seasoned pro at plant-forward eating or are just curious about it, I welcome all eaters on my website.

What does plant-based mean?

Plant-based means a diet where you prioritize eating plant-based food such as fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, and limit or avoid animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs.*

This definition can change depending on who you ask.

For me, I like a plant-based diet because I enjoy and thrive when eating a diet that includes a lot of vegetables and whole grains. I enjoy most vegetables, fruit, beans, and grains and I don’t eat meat. I do occasionally eat choose fish, eggs, and cheese, although these make up a small and casual part of my diet, and I opt for plants first.

You will find vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes, and plant-based recipes on my website. I welcome all eaters.

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I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada and have been blogging for ten years. I loved blogging and sharing my recipes and love getting comments from readers.

I love summers at my cabin, drinking red wine around a fire, reading in my hammock, and learning more about my Scottish and Greek backgrounds.

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*Sources: Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canada Food Guide, Harvard Medical School, Columbia University.